Our Story

Eldi Home is a sustainable home decor and home goods online brand based in Toronto, Canada. Inspired by our heritage, our mission is to bring you home decor that will inspire you to create your own sanctuary - for the minimalist, modern home.   

In early 2020, at the height of the pandemic, we focused on creating beautiful and relaxing spaces. For us living in small apartments and small spaces, our homes became our sanctuary. We couldn't find goods and home décor that we particularly liked and that fit into our minimalist and modern aesthetic.

Decorating our small spaces, we found ourselves embracing neutral living and neutral styles, natural elements and organic living more. Through this process, we met and learned more about others who shared this passion of finding a piece that fit their home and their neutral aesthetic. It was also an additional plus to meet and learn more about the beautiful stories and discover the craftsmanship of such artisans.

Through this process, Eldi Home was born. Inspired by sights, smells and the culture and traditions we grew up with, Eldi Home offers ethically sourced and sustainably made lifestyle goods for the modern and minimalist home. These pieces are good for you, the community, your home and the environment. Our hope is to share pieces that have good design, dream aesthetic and embrace a better world.


Behind the Eldi Name 


ELDI, an old name for period, epoch, and one's age. A time of Life. Its other term also means people and human beings. True enough, this is the stage where we are now. As we continue to embrace this period in our lives, let's rediscover our passion and create happy memories and a beautiful home together.   

Stay awhile, feel free to connect with us on Instagram or send us a message at hello@eldihome.com.  

We are so excited to welcome you and hope you feel right at home. 



from the Founders of Eldi Home